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Petrochemical industry

synthetic natural gas industry

The petrochemical industry is concerned with the production and trade of petrochemicals. It directly interfaces with the petroleum industry, especially the downstream sector. A major part is constituted by the plastics industry.

Substitute natural gas (SNG), or synthetic natural gas, is a fuel gas (predominantly methane, CH4) that can be produced from fossil fuels such as lignite coal, oil shale, or from biofuels (when it is named bio-SNG) or using electricity with power-to-gas systems.

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We are the leading suppliers and exporters/importers having a proven winning record of two decades in the field of business in vast range of clients and goods. We are doing business in different industries such as steel and petrochemical materials.

SOGIDCO-620 (Hydrogenation Catalyst)

is a Cobalt-Molybdenum catalyst supported on Alumina

SOGIDCO-610 (ZnO Desulfurization Adsorbent)

is a ZnO based adsorbent with enhanced  chemi-physical properties

SOGIDCO-100 (Pre-reforming Catalyst)

A pre-reformer is an adiabatic fixed-bed reactor upstream of the primary reformer. It allows increased flexibility in the choice of feedstock, and the option of increasing the overall plant capacity.

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YAĞMUR MİNERAL is global and follows the international trading policy. This allows both us and our partners to benefit from the numerous local and international resources. Our modern communication technology ensures that wherever our clients are, we can continuously support and provide high-standard customer services.

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