One of the major consumption of talc is in the ceramic industries. In this sector micronized Talc powder acts as a catalyst and used in both glaze and the body.

The benefits of Talc are as follow:
  • Reduces the firing temperature and the firing cycle.
  • High whiteness talc effects the brightness and whiteness of the product after the firing and increases the acid-resistance.
  • Talc increases the thermal-shock and reduces the fraction.
  • Talc causes moisture expansion
  • Talc enhances the mechanical resistance.
Talc in combination with feldspar and calcium carbonate in the production of traditional ceramics forms a very effective eutectic flux that facilitates the firing of the serif and reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Together with zirconium silicate and alumina, talc improves the ultra-white luster of tiles. In grouts, when talc is calcined and combined with alumina, it creates a satin coating with good fusion capability and low thermal expansion with reduced pinholes.
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